South Yellow Pine

About South Yellow Pine

South Yellow Pine, also known as American Southern Pine, encompasses four species: Longleaf, Shortleaf, Slash, and Loblolly. Found predominantly in southern United States, South Yellow Pine is characteristic for its beautiful natural texture and having the highest durability among all softwood species. Its robust material provides low susceptibility to damage, a good ability to hold nails, and high wear resistancy.

Because of its exceptional integrity, South Yellow Pine is ideal for a wide range of structural and architectural usage, including outdoor structures (such as shelters, gallery frames, terraces, ladder trails, fences, and outdoor flooring), flower fences, docks, large stadium designs, and other wooden structures. South Yellow Pine has been recognized as the "world's leading structural material". At the same time, South Yellow Pine is also known as the most suitable material for preservation processing -- its naturally porous cell structure allows preservatives to be absorbed deeply and evenly, achieving long-lasting preservation by providing resistance to mould, termites, and other micro-organisms.

South Yellow Pine Grade & Usage

Grade Usage
#1Pro       Suitable for uses that require high durability, high hardness, and where appearance is a priority
#2Pro  Suitable for uses that require high value construction and where appearance is a priority
#3 Suitable for uses where the design value needs to meet a wide range of design requirements and where appearance is not a significant factor of construction
#4 Mainly for purposes that do not emphasize appearance, such as temporary structures and facilities




Coast Fraser provide a reliable and abundant supply of certified South Yellow Pine materials from Weyerhaeuser and many other major sawmills in North America, with lumbers ranging from #1 Pro to #4 grade and spanning in dimension from 2x4 to 2x12.