Hemlock Fir

About Hemlock Fir

Hemlock Fir is comprised of two species: Hemlock and Pacific Silver Fir. Due to their similarities in appearance and composition, they are commonly logged, processed, and marketed under the collective reference: Fir. Hemlock Fir is renowned for its fine texture, straight and even grain, and clear rings. In particular, the difference between its heartwood and sapwood is virtually indistinguishable. With color typically ranging from milky white to pale yellow, Hemlock Fir has exceptional utility in terms of mechanical processing.

In addition to its great ability to hold nails and screws, the notable hardness and straight grain of Hemlock fir also give rise to a compact, gleaming surface after polishing. Hemlock Fir is also ideal for holding paint and coloring, as well as applications of preservatives and flame retardants due to the versatility in its chemical composition. The superior strength, appearance, and re-processing features of Hemlock Fir allow it to be used for a vast variety of industrial and architectural components, especially in light and heavy building structures and various joinery products.

Hemlock Fir Grades & Usage

Grade Usage
Premium Suitable for uses that require high durability, high hardness, and where appearance is a priority
#2&Better Mainly for purposes where durability and hardness are important, such as common architecture and structural uses
#3 Suitable for uses that do not emphasize durability or hardness
Economy Mainly for purposes that do not emphasize durability or appearance, such as temporary structures and transportation platforms


Coast Fraser provide a reliable and abundant supply of certified Hemlock Fir materials from Weyerhaeuser and many other major sawmills in North America, with lumbers ranging from #1 to Economy grade and spanning in dimension from 2x4 to 2x12.