Douglas Fir

About Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is one of the best known wood species in the world. A large tree would reach its heights of 85 metres on the coast and 42 metres in the interior, hence there are two varieties – Coastal and Interior. Douglas Fir is primarily used for building and construction purposes due to its exceptional hardness, stiffness, durability, and availability of large dimensions. The light rosy color of Douglas Fir is set off by a remarkably straight grain pattern. Douglas Fir dries easily and rapidly, with little tendency to check and with good dimensional stability. It machines reasonably well, has excellent turning properties, glues well and has moderate nail and screw holding ability. It can be stained or painted to a very good finish.Therefore, Douglas Fir is a premium wood product versatile for a wide range of construction applications as well as for doors, sashes, windows, flooring,  furniture and more.

Douglas Fir Grades & Usage

Grade Usage
Premium Suitable for uses that require high durability, high hardness, and where appearance is a priority
#2&Better Mainly for purposes where durability and hardness are important, such as common architecture and structural uses


Coast Fraser provide a reliable and abundant supply of certified Douglas Fir materials from Weyerhaeuser and many other major sawmills in North America, with lumbers ranging from Premium to Economy grade and spanning in dimension from 2x4 to 2x10.