About Coast Fraser

Located in Surrey, British Columbia, Coast Fraser is a leading export distributor of North American wood products. We have established strong relations and reputation with customers, suppliers and third parties worldwide.
Coast Fraser is well known within the industry in providing timely shipments, quality products and professional customer support. We are committed to a business philosophy that emphasizes value, reliability , and sustainability.
Through our innovative application platform (WoodTrader.com). We provide costumers an efficient and comprehensive internet-based solutions.
Coast Fraser is a proud partner and a key distributor of Weyerhaeuser, one of the largest wood product manufacturers in the world. We also source our lumber from many other wood producers, and are executive members of Canada Wood, BC Wood and the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA).


Our Values

At Coast Fraser, we strive to provide value, establish reliability, and achieve sustainability. These core beliefs are vital to our efforts in global distribution services and the establishment of a growth-oriented, enriching multi-platform for our clients, suppliers, business partners, and employees.

  • We believe that providing unique and meaningful commercial values is essential to success;
  • We believe in and encourage distinct contributions from each member of the company;
  • We believe that providing value is an essential quality of our company and our employees;
  • We are committed to providing an exceptional global distribution system through market management and logistics.
  • Our goal is to enrich the global lumber industry supply chain and provide significant value and benefits to our customers.
  • We believe that mutual trust is the foundation to effective teamwork;
  • We are dedicated to achieving a unified collaboration between dependable suppliers, clients, business partners, and our internal business culture;
  • We believe that intregrity, honesty, and respect are critical components of a trusting business relationship;
  • We believe that trust is the basis of mutual values, as well as the main driving force of successful business and industrial developments.
  • We advocate continuous progress grounded in mutual success;
  • We value core competence that is crucial for business development;
  • We respect mutual interests and value long-term returns;
  • We believe that building a foundation for continuous progress signifies an insight for future developmental patterns and trends;
  • We provide strategic investments and predictive arrangements to ensure continued progress.


Our Communities

We are dedicated to creating friendly community relationships and participating in social, community-building events both within Canada and in other trading nations. We abide by local regulations conscientiously and embrace our social responsibilities diligently. In addition to providing exciting career opportunities and safe working environments, we strive to maintain honest commitments to corporate taxes, to persist as active participants in community and charity events, and to do our part in giving back to society.
Coast Fraser is a dedicated advocate of environmentalism and sustainability. All distributed lumber products have been certified by third-party North American standards associations to meet requirements for environmental protection and sustainable practice.
BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Platinum Sponsor

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation

Contributing Donor


Our Achievements

Coast Fraser was awarded Surrey Board of Trade’s Surrey International Trade Award 2017 in the Large Business Category. The award is given out each year to a company that exhibits innovation in marketing strategy and demonstrates sustained trade growth. In 2017 PROFIT 500. Maclean's and Canadian Business honoured Coast Fraser as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Ranking determined by (5) year revenue percentage growth.
Surrey's International Trade Awards
Profit 500